Merlin's Ophidia

We are a non-commercial, family run snakery located in Ontario, Canada (we recently moved from BC). Or we should say that we are a 'herpery', for a number of lizards are members of our household as well.

Members of the household is the key phrase here: all our animals are pets and kept as such. All of them are hand tame and amenable to interacting with humans within the respective level of comfort. They are the joy of ourselves and our friends, each with its unique personality, and most of them also participate in the educational activities run by the local herpetocultural society.

We have a decently long experience in keeping reptiles of different species, genuses and families. We have been in the hobby since the mid Seventies. We came together from different countries, and from different herpetocultural environments, but for both the main herpers here, the hobby's passion is rooted in zoological interests. Be it for the challenges of genetics and husbandry or for the riddles of ethology, our interest in reptiles is more than just love for a pet but still less than a typical scientific attitude. We actually enjoy this in-between state.

We occasionally breed our animals, when the time is right for them and us. Mostly we do so to see the outcome of some pairings, or for the challenge of some species difficult to breed in captivity. We raise the babies as long as necessary and in the best way to ensure their pet quality besides their health. When they are ready, we make them available, with the caveat that we will be selling only to individuals who understand the commitment of having a pet reptile and are willing to take it seriously. We have bred, always on a small non-commercial scale, dogs and horses, and we do not see reptiles being any different where responsibility and optimum care are concerned. Because of this, we regard the definition of business with suspicion.

We are not sure, in fact, that true to the market business and the law of business are good for dealing with live animals. Although a few good things have come out of the pet industry, and a lot of truly passionate people can be found in it, we do not consider ourselves part of it. We consider ourselves part of the herpers' community, which includes many different positions.

We are individually members of many conservationist, educational and herpetological organizations. We do not endorse fanatic animal rights activism, but we do not condone the careless exploitation of animals. Therefore we do not approve of breeding as an industry. We also would prefer that non-specialised pet stores would not sell live animals, and we will never sell the animals that we breed to such pet stores (most of them); this is mainly because animals in a window, sold without lots of warning as to the commitment and requirements of their care, get purchased on the spur of impulse; and it is well known that most impulse-bought animals end up been poorly cared for or abandoned.

So, if you want to get a reptile from us, be aware that we will want to know about you and your experience with reptiles, at least a little. We are not selling a product, but creatures born under our roof. We will only give them to reliable people. You may find this obnoxious, but remember that we offer life-long support to the owners of our animals, and a take-back-at-any-time guarantee.

Enjoy our site.

Lycina and Archeophis